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"I've met with Brian a couple times now and he's been really helpful,

I'd describe his services as somewhere in between employment

counsel, recruiting strategy & process, and HR psychotherapy."

- Nick Gammell, Founder & CEO, Gain Fitness

"Brian helped me develop great and compelling job descriptions

to help me grow my team!" 

- Priya Sheth, Founder & CEO, BeScrappy (winner of startup weekend San Jose)

"It was interesting to them [blogger] that I basically cannot be found

in any other community other than GitHub. (I don't even have a

Facebook account). So +1 on the uselessness and spammy annoyance

of LinkedIn, but that's coming from my privileged a$$ Open Source,

remote-working perspective=)."

- Anomynous, ruby or rails developer (sourced and placed by Brian)

"Brian is a thought leader and great mind for young companies"

- David Norris, Talent Acquisition Leader, Sapphire Technologies ​



"Brian gave me exceptional insight in the workflow of the Google recruiting process and what I could expect in the coming months. This

helped lead to a more informed and comfortable experience as I had a solid understanding of what to expect. Brian also seemed very

knowledgeable in design which I feel helped make our conversations more fluid and in-depth; this made it more effective in conveying

what I offered, what I was looking for, and if that aligned."

- Mike Massie, Co-founder, Airrand and Product Designer

"Brian is a strategic thinker with passion and vision, and can get behind new products and learn them quickly to beat the competition.

Brian led the rollout of a new technology and he made it a success."
- Ryan Smith, Founder & CEO, Alpine Interviews

"I was always amazed at how quickly Brian was able to pick things up and then transfer his knowledge and skill to his group. I endorse

Brian because I sincerely value his recruiting and management skills. I actually put on a full court press to try and recruit him to come to

Hartford and manage my recruiting team."

- Bill Donegan, Branch Manager, Sapphire Technologies

"I enjoyed working with Brian especially bouncing around new ideas for sourcing. I recognized he has a very strong background in

recruiting. I also thought Brian networked very well which lead him to untouched candidates."

- Jason Lohrentz, Engineering Recruiter/Sourcer, Google

"Brian provided me with critical and valuable feedback on my portfolio and my resume which shows that he has extensive knowledge

and a keen eye on design. I enjoyed working with Brian and hope to work with him more in the future because of personal and

committed approach with his clients."
- Jeffrey Boyce, Founder & Creative Director, Captain Apticus

"Mr. Samson is a strategic partner, providing exceptional service, professionalism, and an all around enjoyable experience."
- Luke Hamon, Associate Director, Alliant Group

"I met Brian in a toastmaster Club. Brian is an excellent public speaker. His abilities to think on the spot and respond to impromptu

questions in an intelligent and well structured manner is exemplary. He is very consistent and dependable. During his membership

at the Club, he took on several leadership and executive roles which he carried out to perfection. His charisma, his ability to manage

relationships, and his dedication to excellence make a great leader."
- Syavosh Zad-Issa, Senior Systems Engineer, Mindspeed Technologies

"Brian Samson brings a lot of value to his teams. He is always thinking on how to make his office better or come up with creative

solutions to common and not so common issues we face in the recruiting industry."

- Andrew Roddini, Sr. Technical Recruiter, Beacon Hill Technology

"I came to know Brian Samson through my involvement with Toastmasters International. Brian served as my mentor in the organization

and was extremely welcoming and knowledgeable. Brian goes beyond the call of duty in Toastmasters with regards to his involvement

and leadership, and brings a light-hearted and fun attitude to the group. "

- Ken Krumhansl, Solutions Architect, Visible Technologies

"Brian played a major role in my early development and success as a Technical Recruiter. I learned many invaluable and successful

Recruiting practices while working under him and I can attribute a large part or my success as a Recruiter, to his trainings."

- Lawrence McDonald, Recruiting Manager, K-Force

"Brian is just great to work with! I really appreciate his collaborative approach and ability to deliver"

- Julie Ferguson, Market Manager, Roth

"Brian has always been creative and brings a fresh perspective to problem solving and crafting solutions. He's not afraid to take

risks and brainstorm ideas that are a little, or sometimes very outside of the box. Brian is especially strong at streamlining processes,

hiring & developing recent grads, designing training programs, and staying current on the latest technology."

- Erin Varnado, National Account Manager, Volt Solutions

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