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We work with some amazing partners. The below firms have earned our recommendations. believes companies have the right to hire the best of the best, and should be defended from being bombarded by resumes, regardless of the amount or types of positions they must fill.

Our technology reviews each and every applicant, letting only the cream rise to the top, before a resume is read. Instantly separate who you should see and start meeting amazing candidates."

Our mission is to help people find awesome jobs --- our first creation is social job descriptions (video, pics, connectability & real-time commenting).

BayPoint Benefits is a nationally recognized, award winning benefits firm. Our forward-thinking approach to employee benefit consulting allows us to successfully structure and implement creative programs for our clients. Bay Point is the 100% digital benefits broker.

Candidate Metrics helps companies test and evaluate software engineering candidates with automated programming challenges. This is a great way for recruiters to distinguish their candidates from the rest of the talent pool, and ensure that you are presenting great engineers to your hiring managers.

SkillHound is sourcing for technical teams made easy. SkillHound uses big data methods to analyze sites like Github, StackOverflow and even Twitter to reveal the very best engineers on the web.

SkillHound gets right down to the code level to provide rich context to help recruiters and hiring managers put their best foot forward and make great intros to high quality candidates.

The Alpine Automated Interview is a new way to screen job candidates. Design an interview questionnaire specifically for each open position and invite prospective candidates.

Candidates visit our website and record their answers to each question at their convenience. Candidates cannot see what questions are coming in advance, so the Hiring Manager sees their unscripted, unrehearsed response to their questions.  

The interview video recording is captured by our system, ready for you to search, view and score at your convenience.  Know who the best candidates are before bringing them in!

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